Eater´s menu card

Veverka starter

109,- Kč

Veverka’s home pickled Hermelin cheese (10 pcs)

Fine Brie pickled with garlic and chilli, with cabbage salad

109,- Kč

Beer cheese of Klatovy (100 g)

Traditional cheese served with butter, mustard and beer foam

99,- Kč

Home made aspic of trotter (250 g)

Home made aspic of trotter served with fresh union

99,- Kč

Smoked matjes herring à la salmon (100 g)

With fresh onion and lemon

99,- Kč

Home pickled drowned sausage alias non-swimmer (2 pcs)

Sour and delicious with onion and pepperoni

89,- Kč

Headcheese from the butcher (100 g)

Slices of home made headcheese, with fresh chopped onion

89,- Kč

Roasted bread baked with Niva cheese, beer cheese or Olomouc curd cheese (5 pcs)

Golden roasted bread with one of the aromatic cheese types

99,- Kč

Pork spread (100 g)

Roasted pork bits in lard, with fine chopped onion and fresh bread

Soup is the base

55,- Kč

Soups according to our daily offer

Tasty tidbits ideal with beer

189,- Kč

Steak Tartare of sirloin (150 g)

Classic Bohemian dish with 6 pcs of roasted bread, garlic, spices and many kinds of condiments

129,- Kč

Goose liver in red wine (100 g)

Roasted goose liver in red wine, scented with crushed caraway seeds

129,- Kč

Roasted almonds (100 g)

Roasted almonds served with salt

129,- Kč

Davelských three kinds of sausages on the grill (300 g)

Browned sausages with grated fresh horseradish and mustard

129,- Kč

Hermelin cheese from Sedlčany, baked in potato pancake (50 g)

Fine Brie in potato pancake from the Krkonoše mountains, scented with marjoram

129,- Kč

Original fried Olomouc curd cheese (5 pcs)

Pretty ripe cheese fried in breadcrumbs and served with mustard and fresh onion

129,- Kč

Fried Mexican jalapenos

Fried Mexican jalapenos stuffed with Niva cheese, cabbage salad

Veverka’s masterstrokes worth eating

229,- Kč

Pork tenderloin skewer (200 g)

Pork tenderloin skewer with layers of Hermelin cheese and English bacon

249,- Kč

Rib-eye strips of sirloin Stroganoff (200 g)

Rib-eye strips of silrloin with onion, pickled gherkin, cream and crushed tomatoes

189,- Kč

Fried chicken Cordon Bleu (200 g)

Chicken Cordon Bleu fried in breadcrumbs, stuffed with ham and Edam cheese, served with lemon

189,- Kč

Pork schnitzels fried in breadcrumbs (200 g)

Dipped in butter, served with lemon, like from the grandma from Vienna

189,- Kč

Whip of the Executioner (150 g)

Spicy mix with vegetables of the famous rough executioner Mydlář, without ketchup

189,- Kč

Baked chicken wings (500 g)

Marinated chicken wings with baked corn, mangochilli and cheese sauce

Our potato pancake offer

229,- Kč

Krakonoš potato pancake (150 g)

Golden roasted pancake stuffed with a slightly spicy pork mix and fresh vegetables

199,- Kč

Potato pancake from Šumava mountains (150 g)

Golden roasted pancake with a slightly spicy chicken mixture, oven baked with Eidam cheese

Sweet delight at the close

Dessert according to our daily offer

Please consult your waiter

Dips or cold sauces to enrich your dishes

25,- Kč

Tartar dip, Mangochilli, Cheese, Dijon dip, Yogurt dip with garlic, Blue cheese dip, BBQ, Sweet&chilli

1 portion

Let us recommend you our specialities

399,- Kč

Mixed grill made in a rather different way (500 g)

Beef sirloin, pork tenderloin and chicken breast flambéed with brandy, with American potatoes and French beans

229,- Kč

A stack of pork or chicken escalopes (300 g)

A heap of small escalopes fried in breadcrumbs and served with pickled gherkins

229,- Kč

Baked pork knee (900 g)

Golden baked pork knee served with mustard and grated horseradish

229,- Kč

Pork ribs baked in spicy marinade (900 g)

Spicy ribs in marinade, served with cold mangochilli and cheese sauces

229,- Kč

Pork tenderloin with wild mushroom sauce (200 g)

Pork tenderloin with dark sauce made of wild mushrooms

189,- Kč

Spicy beef goulash with homemade bread dumplings (150 g)

Original pub goulash made with dark Kozel beer and served with homemade bread dumplings

Our steak offer

389,- Kč

Pfeffer steak of sirloin (300 g)

Pfeffer steak of sirloin done on you wishes with pepper sauce

199,- Kč

Marinated pork scrag (300 g)

A hunk of pork with French beans, English bacon, garlic and onion

189,- Kč

Chicken breast steak (200 g)

Grilled chicken steak served with baked tomatoes and basil

Something light and healthy for misses

199,- Kč

Huck fillet (200 g)

Huck fillet baked in lemon pepper seasoning, served with vegetable “lečo"

199,- Kč

Chicken breasts for Misses (200 g)

Chicken breasts stuffed with light ham and Hermelin cheese, served with cream potatoes and steamed broccoli

189,- Kč

Chicken roll stuffed with green asparagus (200 g)

Natural chicken roll stuffed with green asparagus

189,- Kč

Fried chicken escalopes in almonds (200 g)

Golden fried escalopes with crunchy almonds

189,- Kč

Chicken “china” of Dejvice (200 g)

Light china mix without soy sauce, with fresh vegetables

Vegetarian dishes

125,- Kč

Edam cheese fried in breadcrumbs (150 g)

Edam-type cheese fried in breadcrumbs, with tartar sauce

125,- Kč

Hermelin cheese fried in breadcrumbs (120 g)

The king of the cheeses fried in breadcrumbs, with tartar sauce

169,- Kč

Fried tofu on the grill (150 g)

Baked tofu with grilled vegetables and balsamic reduction

189,- Kč

Grilled vegetables with shredded mozzarela cheese (200 g)

Grilled vegetables with shredded mozzarella cheese and balsamic reduction


189,- Kč

Greek salad with green olives (350 g)

189,- Kč

Shopska salad with Balkan cheese (350 g)

85,- Kč

Cucumber salad (250 g)

85,- Kč

Tomato salad (250 g)

75,- Kč

Cabbage salad with grated fresh horseradish (250 g)

Side dishes

45,- Kč

Potato pancakes from the Krkonoše mountains (4 pcs)

45,- Kč

Mashed potatoes with salami and onion

45,- Kč

Gratinated potatoes

45,- Kč

Steak fries

45,- Kč

American potatoes

45,- Kč

Roasted potatoes with garlic

45,- Kč

Cream potatoes

45,- Kč

French beans with English bacon, garlic and onion

45,- Kč

Warm vegetable mix

45,- Kč

Boiled buttered potatoes

45,- Kč

Stewed rice

45,- Kč

Bread dumplings (5 pcs)

Bread/rolls as necessary

As needed already counted in the price of food 1A