Something real to eat - for heavy eaters and big group

Golden baked piglet
Bone-in ham
Baked turkey with caraway seeds
Baked goose with caraway seeds

To be ordered 48 hours in advance; the cost of 1 kg is CZK 549.- (according to the weight).
When ordering, a refundable advance payment of 1 thousand CZK has to be made.

Side dishes (already included in the price):
You can state the type of side dish and its amount according to your choice with your order.

Side dishes at your choice:
Our homemade bread/potato/speck/Carlsbad/“hairy” dumplings
Red/white/cold fermented cabbage
Fresh leaven bread, homemade rolls, white or dark French loaf
Pickled gherkins, fresh grated horseradish, yellow or Krems mustard
Tartar sauce, mangochilli sauce, BBQ sauce, sweet&chilli sauce and blue cheese sauce Dijon dip, yogurt dip with garlic
Cabbage salad with grated horseradish
Ram’s horn peppers, chilli peppers and pickled onions

Hail and Bon Appétit to all heavy eaters and real gourmands !